Friday, March 10, 2006

A Rare Treat, Plus Reflections on Osteotomy

Date night, lovely date night. A very common steak and salad, and a little more than enough Chianti ("for thirst is a dangerous thing") at the restaurant around the corner, and no children anywhere in sight. And the babysitter was wonderful with the kids and they were asleep when we got home. And may they remain so until tomorrow, amen.

But tomorrow I work, and Sunday I work too, and all next week I work. It's feast or famine in Hollywood - a great business to exit. And now that I'm leaving for real... I must confess, I'm losing my happy thoughts about my job. I guess I can take another four months of this tedium, but it really is tedium at this point. I mean, I know law school will be a lot of work and all, but it sounds like a vacation to me. A very grueling vacation, to be sure, but... reading and writing and more reading and more reading and writing? And taking classes, and writing?

I gather that law professors undertake something very much like what doctors do, when they intentionally break and re-set a bone so that it can heal into a proper shape; during 1L, one's brain is broken into pieces, in hopes that when it heals, it will work like a lawyer's brain. Well, the state my brain is in, that sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

Sign me up, I'm ready.


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