Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Understanding Understanding Comics

I loved Scott McCloud's comic book, Understanding Comics.

I loved Dylan Horrocks's essay about it, too; not least the quotations sprinkled throughout: all boundaries, even those meticulously surveyed, terms are social and arbitrary, not natural and inevitable. What divides my property from my neighbor’s is not a natural boundary but a social system within which certain functions of property prevail. It is important to remember that terms function in the same way...
(Thomas McLaughlin, in Critical Terms for Literary Study,
ed. Lentricchia & McLaughlin)

and especially this -
‘If any single caveat can alert map users to their unhealthy but widespread naivete, it is that a single map is but one of an infinitely large number of maps that might be produced for the same situation or from the same data.’
(Mark Monmonier, How to Lie with Maps)

... and that's what the law means to me.


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