Friday, January 13, 2006

Berkeley Comes a'Courtin'

Yesterday there was a phone call from the director of admissions, dean of admissions, whatever, I'm in at Boalt, hooray! I was properly enthusiastic but it didn't really sink in until he informed me that they'd have money available to fly me in for Boalt's mid-April admitted students shindig. My God - they fly people in? People like me? Little old me? You know what, screw film school - law school is sounding good.

La mia sposa explained to Boy that this was a big deal, as if there were hundreds of kids who all wanted the same two Transformers (... more than meets the eye...), and I was the one who got a Transformer. Boy nodded, seemingly not very impressed, and marched into the bedroom and shut the door behind him. Then a moment later my cell phone rang: it was Boy, calling from the bedroom. (He's learned our cell phone numbers and it tickles him to call us.) "Are you at home?" I asked; no, he informed me, he was in the car. Driving to Berkeley.

Tonight we went out for a brief walk, and he told me he wanted me to go to Berkeley, but "Berkeley in this town." I didn't ask what he thought about Harvard...


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