Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh, Yeah, I Was Going to Law School...

And then there were the halcyon days (and nights, and weekends) of pilot season... and all thought of law school was driven from my mind.

So anyway, it's gonna be Boalt Hall for me. (Should I be trying for more anonymity? I guess not. I mean, how many former sound editors in their forties with two kids do I think are going to be attending a law school in the Bay Area?) It was going to be Boalt anyway - once I got in - for a number of reasons. My only regret - besides the enormous debt I'll be incurring - is that neither Harvard, Yale, nor Stanford admitted me. Cause I did so want to turn them down...

We still haven't found housing, which is a source of mild worry, which no doubt will soon be upgraded to a tropical worry and then to hurricane-level worry. Berkeley's married student housing is undergoing major construction: a few years ago we had a nightmarish summer living in the midst of construction, and we want no part of it. Unfortunately, the alternative may involve finding our own place to live, which we would really, really rather not have to undertake at this point. Once we're there, maybe.

And packing is fun, too. We went to Costco and got a bunch of those heavy-duty plastic bags, the ones with a nozzle so you can attach your vacuum cleaner to the bag and zoop - reduce your blankets, sweaters, quilts, socks, whatnot... to a hard, wrinkled hunk of plastic. (Why do we have so many sweaters? We live in Los Angeles, for God's sake. I may have worn a sweater twice in the past fifteen years.)

But today I'm supposed to be working at home. Can you tell?


At 7:50 PM, Blogger Murky Thoughts said...

Excellent choice! Was it the Pacific Film Archive, down the street from Boalt?

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Zuska said...

Oh, I lived in their married student housing!! I lived in the smaller complex up on the hill in Berkeley - right above the fraternities. i did not live in the Albany housing, b/c before the construction, it was really really really gross. Now they're nice modern condo-style places.

I will be jealous -- reading of your Berkeley days. It was my first choice - not wanting to move and all.

Best of luck to you.

At 10:21 PM, Blogger rain_rain said...

Now I'm jealous, 'cause Smyth Fernwald is my first choice of places to live. I checked it out when I went up to Berkeley for their admitted students visit day, and saw four deer grazing on the hillside next to the parking lot, and that was it for me. My special pleading does not seem to have moved the housing authorities, unfortunately. It looks like Albany housing ... which is fine, but... no deer there.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger CM said...

Yeah, I figured it was Boalt for you. Good luck with the move and finding housing! And don't reduce too many of those sweaters.


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