Wednesday, February 01, 2006

An Hour Dead and Buried

Jesus,what a waste of time, poking around and trying to figure out law school rankings. Here's the truth: in terms of faculty, if you want superstars, go find them, they're out there. In terms of libraries, come on. In terms of other students, they're all going to be pretty smart. In terms of your law degree opening doors... use the knob, it's not locked.

In terms of pursuing a legal education, it's pretty hard to find a bad law school. Yeah, there are better schools and not-so-better schools, and the choice between Yale and Pepperdine may be pretty clear (or then again, maybe not); but is Harvard really "better" in any meaningful sense than, say, NYU? Come on. Anyway, you'll end up taking all the same classes using all the same texts and exploring all the same cases anyway.

Well, but I got a postcard from Appalachian School of Law that advised me of the "Differnet Education" I would receive, were I to attend. I know I shouldn't judge a school on its recruiting materials, but that's where I draw the line. (Actually I draw it way above that.)


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