Monday, January 16, 2006

Showtime Update

So sposa watched all 6 available episodes of "Huff" and reports back: don't waste my time. Downward spirals all around, yawn.

We both watched 4 episodes of "Weeds" back to back last night, and I regret to report: boring stuff. I mean dull as listening to someone you don't know, tell you all their troubles. No forward motion. Also I'm bitter because I stayed up till midnight and had to get up early this morning. This is the sort of thing that could influence my Emmy voting... if there were a close contest, which there isn't going to be. Best Drama, "Weeds"? I don't think so.

Can I stand to watch any of "The L Word"? I don't think so, I tried that last season. Best, perhaps, to wait for Showtime's movies/specials/documentaries package, which usually has a couple of good things. Or else wait for HBO's screeners (though I personally think that "Deadwood" is one of the most aptly-named series on television).


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