Friday, January 13, 2006

Let the Cartoons Begin!

Emmy season is yet far away, but today comes Showtime's screener package of series tv - they're trying to get a jump on the competition, playing Iowa to HBO's New Hampshire. And there was even a note inside the box, apologizing for not giving me the entire series - only the first six episodes - of Huff and The L Word. The rest of the shows probably haven't been posted yet. Good Lord, they don't pull any punches. Anyway, mia sposa is now working her way through episode 3 of Huff. I'll rely on her to tell me what's worth watching, if anything - after editing tv sound all day all week, I really can hardly stand to watch any video - let alone any episodic television - at home.

Today also came UCLA's paper admission package, and a fat envelope from Pacific/McGeorge informing me that not only have I been admitted, but I've been admitted "with honors at entrance," apparently a fancy way of saying they'll give me all my first-year books for free - an offer not to be sneezed at.

Three for three, and I'm no longer on tenterhooks. I'm going to law school, for reals (as they say at Play Mountain Place). But will Our Hero get into Harvard, Yale, Stanford? Stay tuned.


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